24mm PP CR/TE Palm & Turn

Product number: CR24SPLFXUT

This 24 mm palm-and-turn child-resistant closure offers enhanced safety and usability. Features a tamper-evident component for added protection. Designed with a fine-ribbed sidewall and text top opening instructions for optimal user experience. The modified buttress, or “M” style, thread profile offers more precise closure-to-bottle thread contact. Available with a standard liner. Suited for the beverage, healthcare, nutraceuticals, beauty and personal care, cannabis and many other markets.

Product Information:

  • Closure Diameter
    24 mm
  • Closure Sidewall
    Fine Ribbed
  • Closure Top
  • Case Count
  • Case Weight
    27 Pounds
  • Cases per Pallet
  • Diameter
    24 mm
  • Material
  • Weight
    0 g

Features & Benefits:

  • Tamper evident

Regions Available

  • North America

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