Visqueen PolycropPro

Advanced Pro Technology for the Professional. Visqueen PolycropPro is a technically advanced stretchfilm, which is produced using innovative PRO Technology, which stretches the film under controlled manufacturing conditions. This process results in a high performance stretchfilm with additional reel length and a lower film thickness which combine to provide enhanced bale throughput, reduced oxygen permeability, high strength and superior tear resistance.

Circular Solutions:

Improved recyclability

Product Information:

  • Gauge / Mil
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Environmental Resistance, UV Resistance, Moisture/Water Resistance
  • Color(s)
  • Length
    2000 mm
  • Pallet Configuration
  • Width
    750 mm

Features & Benefits:

Visqueen PolycropPRO offers farmers and contractors multiple benefits including:

  • An enhanced balewrapping process
  • More bales per reel
  • Augmented crop quality
  • Less film to recycle post use
  • Compact, better shaped bales

Regions Available

  • Europe
  • Oceania

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