BullsEye™ PCR-30 Shrink Film

BullsEye™ PCR-30 is a co-extruded blown film made from a proprietary polyethylene resin blend and 30% post-consumer recycled content. The film is specifically designed for high-speed, mass production for printed shrink film in multi-pack applications. With very good gloss and haze, this film is a perfect product for printed applications. This film is well suited for single roll continuous motion and two roll machines. BullsEye™ PCR-30 also works on both supported and unsupported packages.

Circular Solutions:

Recycled plastic

Features & Benefits:

  • Controlled shrink for better definition
  • Ten color flexographic print capabilities with a 49" repeat
  • Up to 40" OD rolls
  • Vertical integration
  • Targeting COF
  • Excellent optics (gloss, haze, and contact clarity)
  • Good combination of film stiffness and film strength
  • Good cuttability on high-speed equipment

Regions Available

  • Global

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