Dispensing Plug

Product number: JJP_GEN107

This 12mm Dispensing Plug fits snugly into the neck of the bottle and allows for controlled dispensing of liquid products through an orifice size of 4mm. The plug minimises the risk of the liquid spilling, evaporating or being contanimated and is paired with the 36mm Shoulder Cap with spigot. It's made from HDPE, PEHD.

Product Information:

  • Manufacturing Technology
    IM - Injection Moulding
  • Neck Diameter
    24 mm
  • Color(s)
    Clear, Natural
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Surface Finish
  • Width
    12 mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Controlled, accurate product dispensing
  • Minimises the risk of the liquid spilling, evaporating or being contaminated
  • Two sizes available
  • Made from HDPE, PEHD

Regions Available

  • Africa

Ideal For:

Tissue oil, body oil, baby oil

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