Distinctive packaging for the new Motul Car Care range, designed and produced by Berry Blow Moulding Specialities (BMS), is providing effective on-shelf differentiation and consumer convenience.

The unique design of the bottle features a square shape that distinguishes it from the round varieties more traditionally used in this sector. A long neck section, incorporating either a trigger spray or push & pull cap, further individualises the look of the pack while also providing ease of handling, particularly when using the trigger spray.

The square 500ml HDPE bottle maximises on-shelf utilisation, and the distinct red colour and large decoration panels featuring high quality labels with eye-catching imagery create high-impact branding.

In particular, the square design allows all four sides of the bottle to be used for communication, with each side carrying product information in two different languages. This enables Motul to use the same pack throughout its global markets.

Berry BMS worked closely with Motul to successfully meet the design brief for a totally individual look for the bottle, while at the same time ensuring complete functionality. In particular, attention was paid to the overall height so that it did not exceed 25cm with the trigger spray in place, enabling the bottle to fit easily onto retail shelves.

The companies are also working on the incorporation of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into the manufacture of the bottles in the future, in line with Motul’s sustainability commitments.

“We have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Berry, and we were confident that the company could meet our requirements for a new bottle design different from anything else on the market,” commented Motul Product Manager Chanborina Tom. “This was a radical approach, but the resulting pack was very well received and has been an immediate success in the market.”

Eight different products in the new Motul Car Care range are being packed in the bottle including car shampoo and wheel rim and leather cleaners.