The positive market outlook for child-resistant closures shines brightly for the packaging industry, but the numbers behind this market trend reveal a concerning history. According to Transparency Market Research, “The growth of the global child-resistant closures market can be attributed to the rising need for reduction of drug intoxication cases.” The protective solutions supplied by the packaging industry have an opportunity to measurably impact the lives of families. Child-resistant closures offer peace of mind to parents and caregivers to try to combat the cause of this packaging necessity. According to the same report, “The introduction of child-resistant packaging has been associated with the reduction in mortality rate in the United States.”

Taking this into consideration, we designed Purse Pak as a child-resistant package for over the counter medication. This secure packaging solution consists of a vial and a child-resistant closure. The package allows for on the go convenience and durability. Due to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, “[…] Packaging required by the PPPA must be designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open within a reasonable time, and not difficult for normal adults to use properly.” Purse Pak not only helps prevent the unintentional ingestion of medication, but also provides adults with a reliable closure designed with the consumer experience in mind.

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