The growing prevalence of e-commerce has made the unboxing experience more important than ever before. Precisely what defines an unboxing experience? Unboxing is simply defined as the removal of your item from its packaging. For most customers, unboxing is the first personal connection your brand has with its consumers. When these consumers order products online, they experience their first brand introduction through a website, and not necessarily through the physical connection of your product in the hands of your consumers.

“Packaging is your second product,” stated Caitlin Strandberg of “How your product looks and feels in a space, in a box, connotes perceived value and engenders loyalty when the brand resonates.” Strandberg also touched upon the importance of a great first impression. Businesses have an opportunity to achieve brand differentiation, while simultaneously providing a superb unboxing experience, through tamper-evident seals.

Tamper-evident seals printed or embossed with a brand’s name can bolster the authenticity of your brand. This unique type of decoration provides a visual cue to consumers that they have purchased a product of distinction. Instilling consumer confidence, your unboxed product appears authentic, safe, and premium.

Our recent collaboration with Tri-Seal, a Tekni-Plex business, has enabled us to provide innovative Luxe® seal liner options. One-piece liners, available with a folded pull tab, may be embossed with a logo or brand name, or cold foil stamped in a wide variety of colors. Two-piece liners enable color embossing on the entire surface. Luxe® seal may be used with PET, PP, or PE containers, providing tamper-evidence and deterring pilfering. Experience the seal that helps support brand engagement and brand loyalty.