Trialled and Tested

The fully functioning blow moulding production cell at the Berry Training Centre in Rushden, UK offers a valuable facility for the testing of new materials. In particular, trials can be carried out on different post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and for colour assessments.

The all-electric blow moulding machine, along with granulator, blender, leak tester, chiller, compressed air and mould change parts, provides a comprehensive standalone unit that enables tests to be undertaken requiring only a minimum amount of material, typically around six kilos, and without the need for companies to disrupt day-to-day production. Samples can be produced, and a full report prepared, usually within five working days. This offers customers a fast and cost-efficient method for assessing new materials.

In addition, samples for new customer projects for containers up to 1 litre in size can be manufactured using a 3D printed mould produced by the Berry Design and Innovation Centre.

PCR tests are available for both HDPE and PP, with sample containers produced with a PCR percentage from 25% to 100%, enabling the performance of different compositions of PCR containers to be compared as well as how the incorporation of the PCR material affects the chosen colour.

Colour testing produces different coloured containers for feedback and research. Samples can also be created for masterbatch reduction and for colour replacement. A spectrophotometer is available to help measure and evaluate colours and make adjustments in order to achieve a particular shade.