We are proud to reveal our latest foodservice innovation: the strawless lid. Americans use millions of straws every day, but the small diameter of straws makes them difficult to recycle, and their wrapper can become a source of litter. As more consumers focus on environmentally-friendly options, we created the strawless lid for our on the go consumers and for the environment.

Our team has done significant research and consumer testing with this lid in order to develop an ergonomic, functional design. The lid is comfortable to drink through, allows for a good beverage flow, and even has a reclosable flap. The high-clarity lid is also durable, providing a premium-looking product.

The strawless lid is made from polypropylene (PP) and goes perfectly with our widely recyclable PP drink cups, such as our clear Bantam drink cups. Having an entire package (cup and lid) made from the same plastic material facilitates recycling, because the cup and lid can often be recycled together. PP lids also have improved recyclability versus the polystyrene (PS) drink cup lids that have historically been used. Furthermore, by eliminating the straw, the weight of the lid can be reduced by as much as 18.4%, which helps minimize the environmental impact through reduced gas emissions during transit.

This new lid is customizable with your company’s logo, and is available in multiple sizes. Contact our sales representatives for samples. Watch the video to find out how our strawless lid can work for you.