The Catalunya CleanUp Challenge was born out of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste’s (AEPW) two-week #AllTogetherGlobalCleanup 2020 challenge that rallied thousands of volunteers around the world, including Berry team members at over 100 global sites, to discover, identify, collect, and dispose of litter they found using the Litterati app. Capturing litter through geo-tagged photos makes the pollution problem measurable, resulting in clearer data and, therefore, more effective solutions.

Soon after, Robert García Pano created a similar regional challenge in Catalonia, Spain, inviting his friends and family to join. Once several schools in the region signed up, news cameras began to show up and the challenge went viral. While Robert’s initial goal was to collect 100,000 pieces for World Environment Day in 2021, over 2,500 registered participants have now picked up more than 1.5 million pieces of litter across 43 countries – including 225 municipalities in Catalonia – to date.

This tremendous impact was made possible through the initial inspiration of one person, an innovative, data-driven tech solution, and collaboration among citizens, governments, organizations, and businesses, and countless volunteer hours from generous people who now better understand “it is not my garbage, but it IS my planet.”

This effective awareness campaign illustrates the power of small, local actions for BIG, global impact – especially when an ecosystem of organizations, individuals and institutions come together to create data-driven solutions. A strong believer in the “butterfly effect,” Robert was able to bring together 76 organizations – ranging from educational centers, administration, private companies and NGOs – to help people adjust their mindsets, so they appreciate the value in mapping, cataloging, and collecting pieces of litter and see themselves as part of the solution.


Personal Passions Driving Positive Change 

Berry Global catalunya clean up Robert“Through the Catalunya CleanUp Challenge, we’ve collectively picked up and documented more than 1.5 million pieces of litter across 43 countries – including 225 municipalities in Catalonia – to date! This all started by following my heart and passion for More Reducing. Small, local actions can create a butterfly ripple effect that results in BIG, global impact.”

Robert García Pano, Product Development & Innovation Director, Hygiene & Healthcare, EMEIA, Berry Global

Berry Global catalunya clean up dick“Individually you make a difference, together we can create an impact. We care deeply about More Reducing and are focused on creating the most compelling granular level litter data to assist policy, packaging and personal responsibility."

Dick Ayres, Co-Founder, Litterati

Berry Global catalunya clean up mireia"I am passionate about More Reducing to cut down on the amount of waste thrown in natural spaces. The Catalunya CleanUp Challenge improves waste management and waste prevention programs because it helps us better understand what type of litter is showing up in different locations."

Mireia Padrós Tremoleda, Senior technician, Catalan Waste Agency 

Berry global catalunya clean up Eugeni“Clean Rivers Hub catalyzes the abundance of existing capacities in society to accelerate the cleaning and restoration of ecosystems. We truly believe any organization can contribute by sharing their expertise and free capabilities to improve our ecosystems through More Reducing.”  

Eugeni Castejon, Founder, Clean Rivers Hub 

Berry Global catalunya clean-up david“When you dream big and act small to encourage the support of many people, companies, and local administrations, you can achieve tremendous results. By creating proper awareness and technical tools for More Reducing, this great achievement has inspired 2,500 people to pick up more than 1.4 million pieces of litter across 43 countries!”

David Cortés, Vice President, Operations & Supply Chain, Hygiene & Healthcare, EMEIA, Berry Global 

Berry Global catalunya clean up jesus “Although seeming invisible for most, the pervasive negative effects of litter on biodiversity, economy, and our own health pose a major threat to our future. Collecting information about litter before picking it up through the Catalunya CleanUp Challenge fills an important knowledge gap that is helping us seek solutions for More Reducing.” 

Dr. Jesús Ortiz, President, Association for the Conservation of Natural Ecosystems

Achieving More Together

  • Capturing litter through geo-tagged photos results in clearer data and more effective solutions
  • Picked up over 1.5 million pieces of litter across 43 countries – including 225 municipalities in Catalonia – to date
  • Brought together 76 organizations, including educational centers, administration, private companies and NGOs, to encourage people to map, catalog, and collect pieces of litter

We are listening for the next opportunity to act. Share your personal sustainability passion here and let’s accomplish more together!