When perusing the shelves of local drug stores, what inspires a consumer to select a product among such a growing variety of options? Consumers are changing. They have begun to educate themselves about ingredients, brands, and packaging, which has led to growth in the number of brands and their products-especially in the beauty and personal care industry. “The skin-care market is becoming increasingly fragmented and crowded,” states Larissa Jensen, Beauty Industry Analyst at the NPD Group. “In the prestige channel, skincare brands […] now own the largest share of market sales. On average, the last two years have seen over 100 new brands debuting in department and specialty stores.”

So how does a consumer select a product within such a saturated marketplace aside from ingredients, corporate responsibility, and the performance of the product itself? For the many consumers who are undecided upon store entry, or those who wish to try a new product, brand differentiation on the shelf has become one of the major opportunities for new products to gain customers. Tactile effects like Soft Touch are an effective way to draw attention through packaging and catch the customer’s eye. Aside from the visual appeal, the feel of packaging may not only get the customer to hold your product, but it can also be the deciding factor that gets your product past the checkout counter.

Our unique Soft Touch process provides a luxurious feel, which can elevate a beauty and personal care brand. Soft Touch also helps ensure a lasting scuff-resistant finish; the in-line process can be applied as full coverage, or in select areas in order to enhance graphics. When used in combination with registered embossing, Soft Touch tubes offer a high-end look.

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