Handling lubricants for automotive use can be a challenge for consumers, which we is why we introduced our award-winning Red Armor tube to the commercial lubricant market. We developed our tube for this market after achieving a successful track record in the homecare, beauty and personal care, and foodservice industries.

After the expansion of our line of tubes into other industries, we expanded our line into the automotive market. Our tube developed for Red Armor by ECHO® won the Gold Award for Best Household and Industrial Tube in 2018 by the Tube Council of North America. This tube protects the Hydrotex Echo Red Armor Lubricant, which is a lithium-based grease used for cables, gear cases, and ball bearings in outdoor and hand tools. Lubricant dispensing through a tube with the added benefit of a nozzle allows the consumer to easily obtain a precise amount and apply it directly to the part. This helps to eliminate product waste.

Our extruded tube was offset printed in two colors at our Easthampton, Massachusetts manufacturing facility. The facility also decorates tubes between ¼ to 15 ounces. Decorating options include dry offset, with up to eight colors, and silk screen with up to nine colors with: matt gloss, hot stamp, and cold foil.

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