The versatile UniPak container from Berry has been selected by Serbian confectioner the Ćatić Company for its popular Waltz cream rolls.

Available in chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry, orange, and vanilla flavours, Waltz cream rolls are delicious treats to be enjoyed straight out of the container or with ice cream. The new packaging solution therefore needed to be practical, easy to stack and appeal strongly to consumers with a sweet tooth.

The UniPak series is one of the most extensive and versatile packaging ranges on the European market. It is a classic and very flexible solution for a broad variety of applications and offers a wide selection of sizes and shapes - rectangular, square, round, or oval.

According to Bajro Ćatić, CEO of Ćatić Company, a rectangular 600 ml UniPak container with lid and IML (In-Mould Labelling) turned out to be the perfect choice for Waltz cream rolls.

“We were in the process of looking for a new packaging supplier who could act as our partner,” he explained. “We did not want major changes in the design of the packaging since it already worked well, and our customers were happy with it. The Berry UniPak container turned out to be the ideal solution and we made the switch as soon as we could.

“We are extremely satisfied with the UniPak’s quality and design, and our customers can still enjoy the pack format that they are used to. We only had to make minor adjustments to our filling line because the new container is lighter than the previous one. And we get the logistical advantages of a slightly lighter packaging solution.”

The containers and lids for the cream rolls are produced at the Berry facility in Gračanica, Bosnia & Herzegovina, only about 300 kilometres from the Ćatić Company’s production facilities in Ivanje, Serbia.

“With Berry, we got a serious and reliable partner who meets our deadlines and fulfils all our requirements. They visited our production facility before presenting a solution and were very thorough,” concluded Bajro Ćatić.

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