Recycled plastic outdoor furniture from Plaswood, a product of one of Berry Global’s UK businesses, is helping bring The Wombles, some of the UK’s most cherished TV characters and champions of sustainability and a clean environment, back to life.

Plaswood is collaborating with Environmental Street Furniture (ESF), global designer of furniture for outdoor spaces, for its latest product range, ‘The Wombles Collection’, which builds on the Wombles’ animation theme of boosting the practice of recycling and raising awareness of environmental consciousness. 

The collection features themed bins, benches, picnic tables, planters, and activity games tables, all manufactured using Plaswood made from recycled plastic, keeping these out of the waste stream and supporting circular economy principles.

Renowned for its longevity, weather resistance, and moisture repellence, Plaswood offers many advantages when used in outdoor furniture. With low-maintenance requirements, durability, and resistance to staining, it can provide years of enjoyment and reliable use.

“We are delighted to be working with ESF on this special project,” said Katherine Lorek, Plaswood’s Sales Director. “The Wombles may be celebrating their 50th anniversary, but the characters have maintained their legacy that extends beyond the television screen. They are known for their passion for recycling and cleaning up litter, embodying the principles of sustainability and a clean environment. Reducing waste and upcycling are as pertinent as ever today.”

“The Wombles furniture collection helps promote the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle and demonstrates the value of plastic as a source of raw material that can be repurposed into second life products.”

First aired in 1973, The Wombles TV programme tells the story of furry creatures who live in the burrows of Wimbledon Common in London and are known for returning discarded items into useful tools and products. This creativity encourages viewers to reconsider the potential value of seemingly worthless items.

The Wombles have transcended their fictional origins to become powerful ambassadors for sustainability and a clean environment. Their enduring appeal lies in their timeless message of resourcefulness, community collaboration, and environmental stewardship. As society faces increasingly urgent environmental challenges, The Wombles serve as a reminder that even the smallest actions can make a significant difference in building a cleaner world for generations to come.

“Now more so than ever when the green and circular economies are to the fore, it’s important that we maximise the opportunities for people to recycle and reduce littering” said ESF Managing Director, Alan Lowry. “We’re confident that through The Wombles Collection this can be achieved. The collection is ideal for locations including public parks or spaces, educational facilities, zoos and theme parks, as well as for businesses or other organisations that want to support the Wombles message when creating outdoor spaces. I have no doubt that the products will be extremely well received.”

The Wombles Collection includes ‘The Orinoco Activity Picnic Table’, a customisable, wheelchair-accessible picnic table with activities including Wombles Ladders or Wimbledon Common Maze, and ‘The Wombles Buddy Bench’, bins, and planters. 

The collection was launched at the Resource and Waste Management (RWM) expo at Birmingham’s NEC, one of the UK’s leading events for promoting innovative solutions that address the world’s environmental challenges. 

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