The latest version of Berry's 75ml Exclusive stick is providing the ideal pack solution for a wide variety of personal care applications including deodorants and the current trend for solid formulae face care and body care products. At the same time, the new stick is manufactured completely in polypropylene, greatly enhancing its recyclability.

The eye-catching design of the Exclusive meets the beauty market’s trend for cylindrical-shaped sticks, with a square edge and pure straight lines to maximise on-shelf presence. This can be further enhanced with a wide choice of colours and decoration options for complete personalisation of the pack to meet specific brand objectives.

For the end-consumer, the Exclusive’s precision-made parts ensure ease of use and accurate application, which for the latest face and body care products also provides a new, convenient and hygienic beauty ritual where there is no need to touch the formula.

As well as the cap and outer body, all internal parts of the Exclusive are also manufactured in polypropylene, including the sealing insert, piston and spindle, which enable it to be recycled more easily. In addition, the revised pack has been further light weighted to reduce material usage while still maintaining the highest levels of performance and functionality. Equally important, the pack retains its top-filled design for fast and efficient filling.