To meet growing demand in the fruit juice market, Berry Agile Solutions has introduced a new family range of square round PET bottles.

Ideal for a wide variety of juice and other non-alcoholic drinks, the SQROUND bottles are available in five sizes – 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre – and as well as virgin PET, can be manufactured with between 30% and 100% food-approved post-consumer recycled PET. The bottles are also recyclable at end of life.

The attractive design, together with the high clarity of the PET, ensure excellent on-shelf presentation while providing effective protection to maintain the freshness and integrity of the contents.

All bottles feature the same neck dimensions allowing drinks producers to use one closure across all sizes. In addition, the bottles have been designed to be compatible with most existing filling systems.

The global fruit juice market hit a volume of 46.3 billion litres in 2019 and this is projected to rise to 51.8 billion by 2025.

Dean Williams, Area Sales Manager at Berry Llantrisant commented: “Successful brands in the juice market need a packaging solution that guarantees protection and extended shelf life, offers an eye-catching appealing shape with high performance and, most importantly, is aligned with sustainable trends and regulations. I believe our new square round range will deliver all of this to our customers.”