A new range of outdoor furniture, designed to take into account current social distancing requirements, has been launched by Plaswood, a brand of Berry Global.

Plaswood is made from recycled plastic to provide a sustainable, durable and maintenance-free alternative to traditional timber. It is antibacterial safe, waterproof and easy to clean, and will not rot, splinter or deteriorate over time, making it an ideal solution for a variety of benches, seats and tables for public open spaces and hospitality outlets.

The new Plaswood hero adapt table can be extended to provide two metre distance seating when required and revert to a standard eight-seater design if distancing restrictions are lifted. The change can be quickly and easily implemented to provide long-term flexibility and cost-savings.

The bench can be specified with back rests for the seats and is available in a wide range of colours.

In addition, Plaswood has adapted several of its other furniture, including the Sloper bench, Hero ‘A’ Frame tables and Wheelchair Access table, to ensure they also comply with social distancing guidelines.

“Our new adapted furniture provides an ideal solution that enables establishments to offer their customers a safe and comfortable environment in their outdoor areas,” commented Katherine Lorek-Wallace, Plaswood’s general manager.

Learn more about our recycled plastic outdoor furniture.