Plaswood, a brand of Berry Global, has launched a range of sustainable garden planters to support the UK’s dwindling bee and pollinating insect population.

Named Hive - as they replicate the cell of a beehive - the colourful planters are made from recycled plastic, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional materials and diverting plastic waste from landfill.

Available in 11 bright colours and three heights, from 450mm to 950mm, they can be used as singles or multiples in a variety of shapes that adapt to any outdoor space, creating an attractive border or display.

Being maintenance free, rot-proof and resistant to algae, there is also no requirement for painting or preservatives.

For a limited period, each planter is also provided with a free seedbom to nurture flower growth, supporting pollinating wildlife.

“Sustainability is at the core of Plaswood’s ethos. In developing Hive, we not only wanted to launch an attractive range of new planters, but also help nurture nature through providing support for our bees and pollinating insects,” said Katherine Lorek-Wallace, General Manager at Plaswood.

“Having taken our inspiration from the structure of a beehive, it seemed only natural that the sale of each Hive planter should encourage the growth of wildflowers. By providing a free seedbom we hope gardeners grow a greater variety of plants to attract the UK’s bee and pollinating insect population.”

Since 1980 studies have shown that a third of species of wild bees and hoverflies in Scotland, England and Wales experienced declines. Actions such as wildlife-friendly gardening can have a positive impact on pollinators, with research calling for gardeners to help by growing more wild plants and flowers.

“Hive planters are a perfect way to create an attractive display of plants and wildflowers. Combining the benefits of using recycled plastic and increasing the opportunity to attract pollinating insects, we hope to help gardeners protect wildlife and the environment,” concluded Lorek-Wallace.

Suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces, from pubs and restaurants to schools and community spaces, the Hive range can now be purchased online from Plaswood’s website and via resellers.

The Hive range also complements existing Plaswood decking, raised beds, square planters and planter seats, which provide a realistic, long-lasting alternative to hardwood and provide a valuable second life to recycled plastics.