The doctor-diagnosed arthritis population is projected to increase by 49% by the year 2040, which is why we have developed the new PalmSoft child resistant closure. This new closure offers value-added features to benefit the over the counter and prescription markets within the healthcare industry. We have developed child-resistant user-friendly universal packaging, while considering value-added features, such as: easy to open, reclose, read, and understand.

Our new PalmSoft™ child-resistant closure provides a premium value with its innovative and distinct look and feel, and can be utilized in other markets such as beauty and personal care. Equipped with the knowledge that brand packaging does not end with the package itself, we offer printing and decoration experts to express your brand’s high standards of quality and shelf appeal.

PalmSoft creates a soft rubber feel to the top of the closure that is easier to grip for the patients and consumers who have difficulty opening bottles. Recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use, it helps provide safety, comfort, and brand differentiation through a cost-efficient stock closure with child-resistance that has been verified with industry protocols.

Offering great flexibility and brand differentiation along with a premium look, logos, text, and graphic elements can be molded into the closure in a wide range of colors to support brand differentiation. Since you can print or emboss instructions right on the cap, PalmSoft helps make healthcare products clear and easy to understand. PalmSoft is also versatile, since it is compatible with industry standard SPI-400 bottle finishes.

Beyond PalmSoft, we are a recognized industry leader in two-piece, child-resistant products. We provide a wide range of child-resistant closures in a variety of styles and sizes for healthcare, beauty and personal care, beverage, food, and cannabis.