Medipac bottles have been specifically developed for tablets, capsules and other solid dose applications. The new 250ml version meets market demands for a larger size while the choice of capacities enables companies to create family ranges. For effective branding and on-shelf impact, all bottles feature a large labelling area.

Equally important, and in line with Berry’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy which aims to help customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals, the bottles are manufactured 100% in HDPE, which is widely recyclable.

Berry Agile Solutions also offers a variety of closures for the bottles, including tamper-evident and child resistant versions, to provide customers with a complete pack solution, tailored to their requirements.

“Our Medipac range offers patients a safe, hygienic and easy handling means of dispensing their treatments,” comments Philip Lindsay from Berry. “With the addition of this new size, we are giving healthcare customers even greater choice to meet their individual packing needs.”

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