When placing an innovative product into the hands of the consumer, we feel connected to those for whom we design. Therefore, the designers at our in-house design studio, Blue Clover Studios, aim to ensure a positive experience for our customers even after the packaging’s inception. Through qualitative and quantitative research, Blue Clover’s 3i® Design Process helps evaluate the positive impact of packaging on consumers.

Located at our headquarters, Blue Clover Studios has access to state of the art facilities to effectively evaluate the user interface. Our recently updated usability labs help our team identify and define the user experience within the physical space in which consumers initially handle the products. In addition, our focus group facility can be used to provide more insight into the collective feedback from potential users. The designers within Blue Clover Studios also utilize online tools to facilitate studies that help yield quantifiable results.

The 3i® Design Process enables Blue Clover Studios to thrive as it operates as a unique and welcome part of our Company. Inspire the possibilities, ignite the imagination, and impact consumers’ lives through Blue Clover Studios. Discover more about this unique approach to design through concept storyboards, prototype models, and more; empower your brand to create the best user experience for your customers. Go to http://www.studioblueclover.com/ to discover more.