Berry Global’s recently launched Wave2cc mono-material dispenser for personal care and cosmetic applications, is now available through Berry Agile Solutions. This addition enables businesses to order quantities as low as 5,000 pieces, providing an ideal solution for start-up operations, SMEs, and new product development trials.

Wave2cc is designed to enhance the consumer experience by improving dispensing for products of all viscosities, including liquid soap, hair treatments, body lotions, and more, while delivering enhanced sustainability benefits. 

Made from 100% polyolefin, with no metal parts, Wave2cc is recyclable when paired with a PET bottle where appropriate facilities exist. This has gained the dispenser a RecyClass accreditation Class B when combined with PET bottles and Class C with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) versions. It can also be produced using CleanStream® recycled polypropylene (rPP) for contact-sensitive applications. 

Wave2cc’s 28/410 neck is compatible with Berry Agile Solutions’ extensive choice of 150ml to 750ml bottles, which are available with up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET and HDPE. This enables manufacturers and product developers to create a pack solution tailored to their unique requirements, including a variety of printing and finishing options.

Alongside its sustainability benefits, Wave2cc combines a modern, eye-catching design with maximum user-friendliness and convenience. Complete with an easy-to-handle wide pump actuator, the dosage settings on Wave2cc can be easily adjusted to suit individual needs, helping deliver accurate amounts of product with each use and minimizing waste. A clockwise and anticlockwise locking system adds further to Wave 2cc’s flexibility.

The dispenser’s robust construction delivers reliable, long-term performance, offering an ideal solution for e-commerce packs by preventing accidental spills during shipping. As a result, Wave2cc has achieved ISTA 6* e-commerce approval for bottles from 200ml to 1 litre.

“We believe Wave2cc tunes into the packaging wish list of personal care product consumers by providing effective dosage in convenient and reliable amounts,” said Joe Horton, Product Line Director for Berry Agile Solutions. Through Berry Agile Solutions, companies of all sizes now have the ability to meet these needs with a standard solution that can be personalised to individual brands.”

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