Berry CPI Design Manager Brian Lodge has been working with the British Plastics Federation (BPF) on a series of initiatives aimed at improving design for the circular economy.

The BPF is the trade association of the UK plastics industry and has been co-ordinating the industry’s ongoing response to further improve the sustainability profile of plastics.

One important area that the Federation is keen to develop is the ability to design packaging that is more sustainable than some current designs. As Brian has a lot of experience in this area, he was asked to lead several projects to develop tools aimed at designers, marketers, buyers and packaging technicians in order to help them make better choices and more informed decisions during the pack design process.

This has resulted in the launch of the BPF’s PackScore, an on-line sustainability assessment tool for designers, which is based on Berry’s own inhouse developed grading tool. This was supported by a special round table event where leading members of the packaging value chain were brought together for a workshop on sustainable design.

Currently in development is a “tool of tools” which provides a database of guidelines and advice for designers. Brian has also helped author two on-line training courses, one for designers and one for other value chain participants, to demonstrate best practice in sustainable design. In addition, further round tables will be held to discuss key topics raised at the first event.

Philip Law, BPF’s Director General commented: “Brian’s unique skills really helped to put the BPF firmly on the map in terms of design for sustainability. He was a driving force behind the creation of our Packscore evaluation tool, our Eco-design Round Table meeting and the creation of e-learning material for eco-design. This is enabling us to demonstrate to stakeholders that the plastics packaging industry is highly progressive and responsive to changing consumer needs.”