Extending our global reach far beyond the globe itself, our collaboration with World View has taken our latest technological endeavors into the stratosphere. Used within the high-altitude balloons of Stratollite, our film has helped World View achieve a controlled flight within the stratosphere. “The milestones World View is achieving are phenomenal. It’s a different kind of innovation for Berry Global” says Brad Wagner, Territory Sales Manager of our Engineered Materials Division.

Retired NASA astronauts, veterans of human spaceflight, and experts in high-altitude ballooning have come together to develop products for World View that can truly help people. Due to the fact that Stratollite has the ability to navigate and remain over certain areas, the technology can support disaster recovery and first response efforts. Payloads with supplies can help individuals in areas that may be challenging to otherwise reach. Stratollite can also help with weather forecasting, surveillance for US troops, and communications at a much lower cost than other options.

Due, in part, to our film used to create the balloon, Stratollite can remain aloft anywhere from days to months if needed. Stratospheric Balloon Manager Esteban García states, “Berry Global has been instrumental in providing the necessary products, experience, and technical support to help us develop highly reliable stratospheric balloons.” This valued partnership has enabled us to broaden upon our innovative technologies and expand our global presence. Learn more about our film used in Stratollite stratosphere services at https://worldview.space/fly-your-payload/.