Child-resistant (CR) packaging is and will continue to be essential, particularly inside our homes and out of the reach of adolescents. Due to previous months of home schooling and remote work, poison centers throughout the United States reported a recent increase in exposure to formulas and harmful products like cleaning solutions, medications, and chemicals (Banner Health). This high-risk increase prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to release checklists highlighting critical at-home guidelines, hoping to prevent children’s accidental ingestion. The CPSC’s more recent effort to avoid these incidents and prevent drug recalls stressed the enforcement of child-resistant closures under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). While consumers can be proactive to stop unintentional consumption, reliance on brands for product safety comes first.

Our effort to innovate current products, incorporate safety, and drive sustainability remains constant through analysis of regulation changes alongside, market and customer trends. Many reports show growth in child-resistant packaging over the next five years, as well as change in industry guidelines and policies (Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026). As a result of packaging standards being modified, we made additions to our portfolio. These added products were designed to have more child-resistant features and support various markets like beauty and personal care, healthcare, and cannabis. While a global pandemic is causing a number of circumstances and protocol adjustments, maintaining compliance and ensuring safety is crucial. From top to bottom, we have our customers covered with full, safety-focused packaging solutions.

Applying fifty years of child resistance expertise, our complete tube and closure packaging is mindful of customers and end users concerns and priorities. Ideal for CBD products such as, serums and topical creams, our extruded tube has a barrier protectant to keep active ingredients from getting out. Fastened by our two-piece push-and-turn child-resistant closure, added security is provided. The seamless tube is available in a variety of colors, has a low minimum order quantity, and can be utilized in the beauty and personal care and healthcare markets as well.

With sustainability being a significant driver of design, our EZ Lite closure was made using less plastic and is lower weight than the current market standard. The “at-rest”, or zero back position, provides better capping performance for seniors. The smooth top surface, a result of the inside gate, is ideal for custom decoration, branding, and instructions. This child-resistant closure helps put the end user’s mind at ease regarding safety, but its paired jar wide-mouth opening feature allows for easier access to contents like vitamin gummies or cannabis products.

At Berry, we’re always advancing to protect what’s important. While stay at home orders and future regimens are unmapped, product safety will remain at the forefront of our innovation and design.