Validation of an idea that has no equal and no immediate comparison can feel daunting to a brand. Why should a company extend beyond their normal successes for something entirely new? The validity of a unique idea or concept is exactly what Blue Clover’s 3i design approach can provide. Igniting and encouraging a new way to consider packaging, the ignite portion behind inspire, ignite, and impact helps bring an innovative vision to life.

Our in-house design studio, Blue Clover Studios, first utilizes their 3i® Design Process to first inspire through research and recommendations. “Next, we ignite the imagination through concept exploration, design realization, and rapid prototyping. This is the stage where an idea comes to life, moving from virtual to a tangible deliverable,” says Marketing Associate of Blue Clover Studios Jake Freimiller. “Combining the inspire and ignite stages gives us the ability to develop credible child-resistant packaging solutions that excite and exceed our customers’ and consumers’ expectations,” states Blue Clover Design Director Scott Fisher.

The current emphasis on safety within consumer packaging has made reliable child-resistant packaging crucial for brands who hope to develop brand loyalty and promote trust within the marketplace. Recent reports reveal that 52,000 children in the United States are treated in hospital emergency departments each year due to unintentional medical poisoning. According to, “That’s one kid every ten minutes.” Therefore, safety is not only a responsible design approach, but also a necessity. The 3i® Design Process reflects upon the current needs of consumers while conceptualizing creative solutions for our customers.

From contextual inquiry to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of a realized solution, discover more about Blue Clover Studios can create for your brand at