Technically Advanced

  • Durable oxygen barrier and UV protection prevent bacteria and mold growth

Unique Sleeve Packaging Design

  • Eliminates need for bulky boxes
  • Allows for more bales per reel than other films

Fully Recyclable

  • Film and sleeve can be recycled together

Fewer Reels Needed

  • Reduces need for transportation and storage


Gary and Jess Yeomans run a family owned 300-acre goat milking farm in Abergavenny, Wales. With more than 1,000 head of goats milked twice a day, the couple produces an average of more than 1,100 liters of milk per head that is converted into farmhouse cheese and sold locally.


Hay bale plastic wrap for silage, Silotite, a Berry Global product

Goats are prone to developing listeriosis and acidosis in the absence of a properly protected food source, making a durable silage film crucial to their health and ability to produce milk that is sufficient for human consumption. While a regular silage film fulfilled this essential need for the Yeomans’ goats, the couple’s time was often occupied by routine checks for silage rips and tears and the handling, transportation, storage, and recycling of the film’s bulky box packaging. As an important source of dairy for their community, the Yeomans needed a more efficient way to meet the demands of local consumers.


A roll of Silotite Pro bale wrap, to protect forage and silage

To ensure protection from forage contamination and streamline their farm operations, the Yeomans switched from a regular silage film to Silotite1800. Developed using the latest raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, Silotite1800 enhances the essential characteristics of silage stretch film, providing enhanced protection from bacteria and mold, whatever the weather. The films unique sleeve packaging design allows for more bales per reel compared to traditional films, eliminating downtime associated with managing bulky boxes.


Silotite Pro, protecting haylage for the farmers goats

Since switching to Silotite 1800 the Yeomans received first place at the FWGS Big Bale Silage competition for a combination of best practice methods and using the right products for the job. Their new silage film significantly improves the efficiency of their daily operations through its durable film properties, unique sleeve design, and enhanced reel capacity.

With a reliable oxygen barrier and UV protection, Silotite1800 shields the Yeomans’ forage from rain and contaminants, eliminating the need for frequent monitoring of silage rips and tears. Further, the sleeve package is made from the same film as the bale wrap, eliminating the need for bulky boxes. As a result, the Yeomans have seen a 20% reduction in handling, transportation, and storage space and no longer have to separate recycling materials.

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