Food safety has generated discussion in recent months in the ice cream market. The large number of touchpoints during a product’s journey from filler to fridge present a number of opportunities for content access and/or damage. Additionally, the prevalence of sensational social media posts and viral ice cream tampering videos in stores, along with the proliferation of consumer home delivery services, are causing brands and consumers to explore options for increased package security. The ice cream conundrum has inspired us to expand upon our line of tamper-evident packaging.

What exactly do we mean by “tamper-evident”? Tamper-evident packaging contains an additional seal or functional element that enables the retailer or consumer to easily detect whether or not a package has been opened after leaving the manufacturer or filler.

Tamper-evident packaging features help protect product quality by adding an additional layer of protection throughout the supply chain, whether: in transit, on-shelf, or through the growing number of consumer delivery channels. Additionally, they offer shoppers peace of mind by ensuring they are the first to experience the blissful indulgence of ice cream. There are several tamper-evident solutions available, so let’s explore a few of our options.

Shrink Band

A shrink band provides a tamper-evident function to existing packaging. In this approach, a thin band of material is applied to the container and lid on the filling line, then run through a heat tunnel to form it to the packaging. This band must then be torn and removed by the consumer prior to accessing the contents. The shrink band enables tamper-evident function without packaging changeovers or modifications, but does require additional equipment in the filling location.

Film Seal

After the container is filled, lidding film is applied to the container brim with a heat seal and topped with the package’s lid or closure. Prior to enjoying contents, the consumer must peel off the film. This approach requires the packaging to have a suitable brim size for film application, as well as necessitating heat-sealing equipment on the filling line. Film sealing is a common tamper-evident approach for pint-sized ice cream packaging.

Break Tab

A break tab is a functional tamper-evident feature built into the packaging itself. This eliminates the need for secondary packaging material and additional equipment on the filling line. The break tab feature engages when the lid is applied, and must be snapped and removed from the package before it can be opened. Once the break tab has been removed, the look of the packaging is visibly changed. Break tab options are a great choice for large ice cream packages.

Custom Packaging

For a custom ice cream packaging solution with a tamper-evident function, we recommend discussing your project with our talented experts at Blue Clover Studio. Blue Clover Studios is our in-house team of industrial designers, engineers, researchers, and scientists dedicated to package innovation and commercialization.

There are a number of tamper-evident packaging solutions available for ice cream manufacturers seeking an additional layer of protection for product quality and consumer safety. Consult our knowledgeable team to determine what works best for your product and process.