The COVID-19 outbreak continues to warrant alterations in many facets of businesses – both large and small. Companies that provide resources such as cleaning supplies and shelf-stable foods have proven to be crucial. However, we also consider the impact upon smaller companies and their supply chains. With health and safety at the forefront of this crisis, the power of partnership is pivotal during this time.

A US Chamber of Commerce special report claimed, “[Close to] one in four small businesses have shut down temporarily in response to COVID-19 .” However, owner Diana Loomis feels our company is a valuable asset to her during this unprecedented time. Her company has a very loyal following from local community members that continue to support her business during the outbreak. Because we are able to manufacture the packaging for Hot Mama Salsa’s 16 oz. tub, she is able to meet the demand of local buyers. Diana says, “Teamwork makes the dream work! I do not have the funding for machinery or packaging systems, but that’s why I have Berry.”

Expanding from the shelves of farmers market stands to stores around the Pacific Northwest, a suitable packaging need was necessary. Diana attended World Expo in 2008 in hopes to find the right plastics manufacturer. At this time, Diana was going to the grocery store and purchasing deli containers in which to sell her salsa. After much consideration of her packaging needs, she felt that Berry provided the highest quality for her product. The container Diana uses within the 410 Plus Series is made from widely recyclable polypropylene and is freezing as well as hot-fill compatible. These clear containers provide in-mold labeling capabilities for a variety of different finishes including glossy, matte, metallic and peelable. 64% of consumers try a new product because the package catches their eye . Because of our in-mold labeling capabilities, Hot Mama Salsa has had a few “facelifts” to their labels and with those order changes, she has worked closely with various Berry employees in order to do so. Diana states, “Over the years Berry has always been really helpful. I do not order a million containers at a time and I feel I’m cared for as if I’m one of your larger accounts”.

CEO, Founder, and Owner of Hot Mama Salsa, Diana Loomis, cherished her fond memories as a young girl cooking with and beside her Madre and Abuelita. So much so, that it inspired her to bring authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine from her roots in Chicago to the tables of others, starting in Bozeman, Montana. Hot Mama Salsa is known for bringing flavors from local businesses to life in their traditional and authentic salsa products. Diana emphasizes the care and detail incorporated in not only her company’s products but throughout levels of her business and partners.

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