In the newfound and already widespread demand for sustainable packaging, our recent expansion of the Verdant™ line supplies consumers with an environmentally-friendly packaging solution. The Verdant™ line continues to push the limits of PCR (post consumer resin) content through this full line of beauty and personal care packages. Offering bottles, tubes, jars, and closures, our wide array of options couples the latest materials with some of the most innovative technologies. We have now expanded this successful line with extruded tubes available with up to 25% PCR content.

According to Natural Products Insider , “Packaging is a key issue that consumers want brands to address, so consumers can see themselves acting in a sustainable manner.” After this market information has surfaced, brands hope to fill the growing demand, while maintaining their brand image, form, and function. The new extruded tube meets these requirements. Our latest addition meets processing and manufacturing protocols, while it maintains the feel, function, and squeeze capability of standard tubes. The tube is available in a vast amount of decorating options to help ensure that items stand out on the shelf.

Verdant™ now includes more environmentally-responsible choices than before. Expanding upon our commitment to sustainability, the line now includes bottles in rPET and HDPE with up to 100% PCR content, laminate tubes with up to 94% PCR, as well as jars, closures, and overcaps with up to 100% PCR. Always advancing, we intend to continue this monumental growth in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

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