A proprietary advanced dosing closure produced by Berry has been adopted for a range of plant and lawn treatments from leading gardening products manufacturer Evergreen Garden Care.

The closure offers a precise measuring system to ensure an accurate dose of product for optimum plant treatment efficacy. In particular, it is able to cope with even very small dosing amounts, making it ideal for these latest and more concentrated formulations which are being marketed under the KB, Fertiligène, Celaflor, Naturen and Substral brands and sold in several European countries.

The plastic closure is injection moulded in polypropylene in a number of colours – beige, red, yellow, blue, grey and black – to distinguish the various products in the range. It incorporates a clear overcap which is protected by a tamper-evident band.

For further product and user safety, the closure is also child resistant. A pictogram is tampon printed onto the overcap to provide simple opening instructions for the user.

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