Companies around the world are navigating unchartered waters during this unprecedented outbreak. The virus is wreaking havoc on not only the economy, but also on the supply chain. The stress from current circumstances is keeping managers up at night by worrying about supply continuity.

So, how can you regain confidence in the supply chain and get those hours of sleep back? Here are a few things that you can check on with your supplier to set your mind at ease.

Good Manufacturing Practices – Make sure your supplier is promoting and practicing GMPs. Ask what your supplier is doing to go above and beyond in times of crisis. Do they practice social distancing for essential plant workers? How has this affected their plant safety record? What other steps have been taken?

Contingency Plans – Inquire about your supplier’s contingency plan(s) in case of viral outbreak or plant shutdowns. Can your mold be shifted to another location? Are there solutions to keep supply consistent? How flexible can they be? (The scale and size of your supplier is monumental in finding flexible solutions without breaks in the supply chain during times like these.)

Supplier Resources – Confirm your supplier is securing the resources they need to meet demand. Are they relying on vendors in other countries that might be subject to delay? Are there going to be any foreseeable delays in supply time?

By calling your supplier today, you can get reaffirmation and confidence back about disruptions and shortages.

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