Berry M&H has introduced a carbon black free masterbatch for the manufacture of many of its standard packs, which allows them to be more easily sorted for recycling rather than being sent to landfill or incineration.

Currently the majority of black packaging is coloured with black pigment or masterbatch containing carbon black. This means that when the pack is disposed of, waste management companies are unable to separate it from general waste. The availability of the detectable black polymer ensures packs can be identified alongside other coloured HDPE bottles in appropriate sorting systems.

With black often a preferred base colour for packs for various branding or product requirements across many sectors, this will give companies greater flexibility in their choice of colour while enabling many tonnes of additional packaging to be recycled.

This latest development underlines Berry M&H’s commitment to sustainable products. The company is focused on recyclable solutions, and products are made with sensitivity to the environment through good design, polymer sourcing and manufacture. Berry M&H holds several ISO accreditations to show good practice in environmental management, including the new ISO 14001 and the recent ISO 50001 energy management, and follows a rigorous policy of continuous improvement which challenges all aspects of its business to ensure that the products are produced efficiently and sustainably, including consultation with recycling facilities.