A new standard design launched by Berry provides a complete pack and closure solution for cleaning products such as washing up liquids and rinse aids, while giving companies the opportunity to personalise the bottle to their own requirements.

Importantly, and in line with Berry Global’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, the 500ml PET bottle can also be specified with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content from 30% to 100% and is widely recyclable, enabling brand owners to choose a pack manufactured to circular economy principles.

The bottle features a 28mm neck diameter and is paired with Berry's polypropylene (PP) screw-on flip top cap. For effective branding, the design features a large surface area, suitable for labelling. This allows companies to create eye-catching graphics while still including all necessary product information.

On-shelf appeal is further enhanced by the clarity of the PET, which helps to accentuate the colour of the product, and a choice of colours for the plastic closure, to deliver an overall individual appearance.

“This latest combination underlines Berry's commitment to developing solutions that enable brand owners to maximise both the on-shelf appeal and user-convenience of their packaging, while also helping them to meet their sustainability goals,” comments Martyn Magee, Homecare and Commercial Sales Lead for the Berry.
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