A change of format for family-size packs of ice cream wafers from standard printed carton boxes to plastic buckets from Berry is delivering a number of important benefits for leading Romanian ice cream manufacturer TOPGEL. These include better shelf stand-out, enhanced logistics, and the opportunity for consumers to repurpose the packs.

TOPGEL has selected the SuperCube® pail in two sizes, 10.8 litres and 5.5 litres, and the round SuperHelio pail in 5.5 litres. The SuperCube® incorporates tamper evidence and an easy to open peel-off lid while, as well as tamper evidence, the SuperHelio pail features a special grid at the rim. During transportation of full pails, the grid ensures extra stability as it allows for increased friction between the pails.

"We appreciate the attractive, top-quality family size buckets from Berry; they look great and convey our brand image in the best possible way,” commented Olaru Viorel, General Manager of TOPGEL. “Their space efficient shape means that we can be more flexible in our production planning and we also have advantages in respect of our logistics.

Both packs are decorated with In-Mould Labelling and come with comfortable plastic handles. The look, shape and size make the product stand out on shelf, while offering optimal protection of the delicate wafers.

In addition, an important sustainability benefit is that the buckets’ durable construction means they can be retained and repurposed by consumers.

The quality of the plastic buckets makes them ideal for long-term repurposing at home,” confirmed Olaru Viorel. “We appreciate this and have made it a selling point in the promotion of our wafers. It presents an added value to the end user and contributes to sustainable consumption.

The new packaging project for wafers enhances the existing collaboration between TOPGEL and Berry, which is already supplying TOPGEL with plastic packaging solutions for a range of small ice cream desserts.

The adoption of the SuperCube® and SuperHelio pails shows how our packs can deliver vital brand promotion and product protection benefits, while helping companies to meet their sustainability objectives, which today is an essential element of any packaging solution,” said Beno Šilec of Berry. “This is fundamental to our Impact 2025 sustainability strategy.”

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