Berry Global proudly accepts its Top 100 ranking in the American Opportunity Index, a groundbreaking ranking that measures how effective companies are at developing talent to drive business performance and advance individual employees’ careers. Receiving a top mark for Hiring, Berry was recognized for its ability to attract new talent early in their careers.

“We strive to be a top employer for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences, leveraging those individual experiences to truly strengthen our company as a whole. It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts in attracting talented employees who are beginning their careers. We believe the plastics industry holds a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop careers,” said Jeffrey Bennett, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer.

Berry has placed special emphasis on efforts to help employees grow in their careers. Compared to 2021, key highlights from the company’s 2022 ESG report include:

  • Increased percentage of women in salaried roles by 5% and people of color in U.S.-based salaried roles by 6%
  • Increased average training hours per team member by 35%
  • Increased number of suppliers evaluated in risk management software by 353%

The American Opportunity Index – a joint project of the Burning Glass Institute, Harvard Business School's Managing the Future of Work Project, and the Schultz Family Foundation – is the only measure of employer quality evaluating what really happens to workers at America’s largest employers over time, assessing how well companies manage their most important asset—their people.

The Index is unprecedented in this approach: based not on corporate surveys but on an independent, big-data analysis of the career trajectories of nearly five million workers from 2018 to 2022. The results are drawn from how employees reported changes in their work history on social media and online resume platforms, as well as comprehensive salary and job-posting data.

About the ranking

Administered by Schultz Family Foundation, Burning Glass Institute, and Harvard Business School’s Project on the Managing the Future of Work, the American Opportunity Index measures how well large American companies invest in their human talent to drive business performance and individual employee growth.

This year’s list measures the career trajectories of nearly 5 million employees at 400 of America’s largest companies using independent data. All measured firms are rated across multiple metrics — including hiring, pay, promotion, parity and culture — and ranked by sector. The Index is determined by analyzing millions of worker profiles uploaded to career sites including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other proprietary labor market databases; other employer rankings are largely opt-in and based on self-reported company data.

The American Opportunity Index is rooted in a fundamental belief that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. When employers invest in unlocking the full potential of their people — by providing good jobs and ample opportunities for advancement — their businesses do better.