Berry Global has established a closed loop system in partnership with its customer, leading French water treatment specialist Ocedis, for the supply of Berry’s 20 litre Optimum stacking containers manufactured from recycled polyethylene (rPE).

The containers for Ocedis’s pH Minus Liquide for commercial and local authority swimming pools are produced at Berry’s BMS Moirans factory in France and delivered to the Ocedis plant in Trévoux. After filling, they are distributed to customers and at the same time empty containers are collected and returned to Ocedis. These are then transported to a recycling partner where they are washed, shredded, ground and converted back into rPE pellets, which are sent to Berry Moirans to be used in the production of new Optimum containers for Ocedis.

Berry’s technical expertise has ensured that the rPE containers retain the same levels of performance in terms of their durability and functionality as those made from virgin polymer. As a result, the containers have achieved UN certification for the safe handling of hazardous goods.

“We are delighted to have launched this closed loop system with Ocedis, which ideally demonstrates both how plastics can play an important role in the circular economy, and how effective collaboration can drive positive environmental change,” commented Rudolph Pfeiffer, General Manager, Berry BMS Moirans and Monpont.

“The containers’ UN certification is a particularly noteworthy achievement. Just as important, the success of the project underlines the feasibility of closed loop systems, and we will be looking to start similar partnerships with other customers in the near future.” 

The Optimum container features an interlocking top and base for safe and efficient stacking to maximise pallet loads. The sturdy but lightweight design ensures ease of handling for end-users.

“The introduction of the rPE containers from Berry is a key part of our ongoing sustainability commitments while still giving our customers a pack that retains all its user-friendly and practical benefits,” said Romain Hardy, General Manager, Ocedis. “This closed loop project also shows how effective circular solutions can be developed when all parts of the supply chain work together.”

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