Our promise is innovation for the world and solutions for you. This promise encapsulates our unwavering commitment to sustainability and mission of putting our customers first. So, when it comes to achieving your sustainable packaging goals, our partners can be confident in our commitment to helping them deliver.

Partners can also be confident in our ability to help them deliver as we have the proven expertise and leadership to help them achieve their sustainable packaging goals. Look no further than how three of our most recent containers packaging wins align with three of the most common sustainable packaging goals:

  • Package Reduction – We took our standard 6 oz. yogurt cup package and reduced the amount of resin used to manufacture it, resulting in a new light weighted 6 oz. product with a decrease in gram weight by 8.5%. This helps reduce the amount of plastic packaging used, improves pack out, and reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions used in manufacturing and transportation.
  • 100% Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable Packaging – In collaboration with Conagra Brands and our own Blue Clover Design studio, we redesigned the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa package and created a 100% recyclable cube. This new cube significantly improves the pack-out in transportation and is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15%. This packaging solution was designed specifically to advance Conagra further towards their 2025 goal of making all plastic packaging 100% renewable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • PCR in Packaging – We teamed up with Mondelez International to supply packaging with post-consumer resin (PCR) for their Philadelphia Cream Cheese containers. This packaging that is made from advanced recycling technology diverts plastic away from the landfill or incineration and helps to promote a circular economy.

We know that execution of our partners’ sustainability initiatives is just part of the process. The big question is: how do companies decide which initiatives to choose? Is it based on emotion or data? Ideally, this can be determined by which initiatives to execute on based on the impact that they will make upon set packaging goals. With our expertise and the use of our Life Cycle Assessment tool, we can do exactly that. We are helping companies estimate and quantify the impact that their initiatives will make, so that they can prioritize their actions and form a clear plan towards achieving their goals.