In 2009, Johnny Graham, an entrepreneur and sporting enthusiast, founded Chipex™®, an innovative high-performance paint repair system that provides auto enthusiasts with a fast and highly effective paint-damage repair system for home use.  

As the brand launched in Europe, Berry Global’s Beccles UK facility formed a long-standing partnership with Graham to provide the packaging that helped bring his patented paint chip repair system to the market. The Chipex™® kit includes Berry’s 30ml PET Tubular bottle with a double-wall cap, a 30ml MDPE Tubular bottle with a dropper tip and a 60ml HDPE Tall Boston Round bottle with a nozzle tip.  

Graham’s life has been defined by adventure and an entrepreneurial spirit, two passions that merged to bring the Chipex™® brand to life.  Whether selling exotic international cars worldwide, competing as an aerobatic pilot, forming a leather products company that supplied prestigious brands in the global automotive industry or competing as a skydiver, Graham brings his love for adventure and vehicles into his business endeavors.

After growing the Chipex™® brand to more than 60 countries and supplying the repair system to vehicle manufacturers like Renault, Hyundai and Mazda, Graham knew the time was right to bring the brand to the auto enthusiasts in the United States.  Continuing his long-standing partnership with Berry, Graham was able to secure the same packaging that the Chipex™® brand was known for from Berry’s Winchester, Virginia, facility.  

“After years of working with Berry in Europe, it was a natural decision to take advantage of their global packaging capabilities and work with their North American operations,” said Graham.  “We knew the brand was going to resonate with car lovers in the States.  Being able to keep the packaging for our system consistent everywhere eliminated a major task when it came to our expansion.”
Berry’s Winchester facility, a low minimum order quantity manufacturing site, was the ideal site to source packaging for the Chipex™® brand launch into North America.  With the ability to launch with a lower quantity and still have the ability to scale production into larger Berry facilities as their North American segment grew, Berry was able to offer the ultimate in flexibility for the brand to penetrate the market. 

“We expect significant growth in our expansion.  North America will grow the Chipex™® business by 40% to 60% because this market loves their beautiful cars as much as I do,” said Graham. “Knowing that we can increase production and never outgrow Berry allows us to continue focusing on bringing our safe and effective paint repair system to the auto enthusiasts that need our premium product.”

Melanie Rasche, Berry’s Product Line Manager for bottles in North America, believes the Winchester facility gives Berry the ability to service brands that need bottles across many markets, no matter if the brand is just starting, launching a new product line, or growing their business.   

“The Berry Winchester facility’s small cavity machinery gives brands an extremely flexible manufacturing process and is the perfect partner for a premium and innovative brand like Chipex™®,” says Rasche.  “Other manufacturers just don’t have a catalog with over 1400 standards that can provide production with a minimum order as low as 10,000 units.  And this setup doesn’t limit what you can do with the design.  If you want a sustainable resin, a custom color or finish and premium decoration, you can still get it at the minimum order quantity.”

Whether a brand is just starting, ramping up into larger markets or looking for a small launch for a new product line to test the market, the Berry Winchester facility has a low MOQ solution to fit its needs.  The site’s decoration capabilities include silk-screen printing, pressure sensitive label application and hot foil stamping. And for brands looking for sustainability solutions, the site has multiple options including recycled resins and bio-resin available. 

About Chipex
Chipex was launched in 2009 so as to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution for the home user to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard, without the time and expense of going to a body shop. The main objective was to make a product that gave both a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints and additionally was easy for the DIY novice to use. Following its launch Chipex™® has supplied thousands of kits worldwide to both retail and trade customers and is now proud to have received TUV Certification on the products effectiveness and ease of use.  For more information, visit the Chipex website, or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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