As a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Berry is committed to being a catalyst for change to keep waste from nature and plastic out of landfills. In alignment with this, Berry team members are eagerly participating in the Company’s internal sustainability action campaign – OneBerry OnePlanet – by organizing initiatives to clear litter from their communities around the globe, giving our natural resources multiple lives.
Recently, team members from Berry’s Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Evansville, Indiana, partnered with Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) employees to clear litter from the riverfront in Evansville, Indiana. With nearly 150 volunteers participating, the event supported the Ohio River Sweep, which is an annual litter cleanup in the United States that extends the entire length of the Ohio River.   
Event volunteers cleared pieces of heavy material along with nearly 150 bags of litter.  More importantly, nearly half of the 150 bags were filled with recyclable items. Through our volunteers’ efforts, litter was removed from our environment and many items are now part of the circular economy – being reclaimed, recycled, and given a second life.  
To magnify the event’s impact, Tom Salmon, Berry’s Chairman and CEO, simultaneously extended a challenge to the Company’s team members across the globe to join him and #Take10withTom by taking the simple action of clearing at least 10 pieces of litter from our environment.  “If we each were to pick up only 10 pieces of litter this weekend, that would translate to 470,000 pieces of litter no longer polluting our environment. Together, as #OneBerry we are making a difference," said Salmon. 
Since the Earth Day kick-off of the Company’s OneBerry OnePlanet sustainability campaign and #Take10withTom initiative, more than 200,000 pieces of litter have been cleared. And, as demonstrated in Evansville, a great majority of litter can be redirected to a circular economy.  
In addition to the event in Evansville, similar initiatives are being led by Berry team members in Tarragona and Barcelona, Spain; Leominster, United Kingdom; Atlacomulco de Fabela, Mexico; Mundra, India; Neuville-en-Ferrain, France; Aschersleben, Germany; Suzhou, China; and many more communities around the globe.
You can join Berry’s campaign to clear litter from the environment by simply downloading the Litterati app to your smartphone and following the app’s instructions to join the OneBerry OnePlanet Challenge – please use code Berry-C4C. By joining this initiative, you will be able to record photos of the litter you collect and, ultimately, you will be partnering with Berry in our commitment to clear litter from our environment, give our natural resources multiple lives, and create positive change throughout the world.

Learn more about our global community engagement and how we work together with our partners to fulfill our commitment to sustainability.