Berry Global is pleased to announce its acceptance of the 2022 Energy Project of the Year - International from the Association of Energy Engineers for its milestone goal to eliminate 100 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity from its global operations. 

In 2021, Berry committed to a strategy of investing over $30 million to foster energy reduction at its facilities. The challenge spanned 300 sites located in 39 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Berry engaged a team of over 900 engineers, technical leaders, and maintenance groups from across the globe in this initiative. This on-going engagement occurs through daily communications, webinars, and on-site energy events, with the teams focused on completing over 1,100 energy projects.

In its first year, this contributed to over 142 million kWh being eliminated. The total impact over the two-year project life will eliminate over 200 million kWh. The estimated impact is 130,000 MT CO2 reduction. The emissions saved from this remarkable reduction in energy is equal to the CO2 emissions required to:

  • Power over 16,000 homes for one year
  • Charge 15.5 billion smartphones
  • Power 28,000 passenger vehicles for one year1

We are proud to accept this recognition of our work to reduce energy across our global organization,” said Rodgers Greenawalt, EVP Operations for Berry Global. “The 100 million kWh challenge in 2021 was an effort to highlight the results we can realize when we work together with the specific purpose of reducing energy consumption.”

Berry’s focus on energy reductions directly reduces its scope 1 and 2 emissions, which inherently reduces customers’ scope 3 emissions. Combining its global presence and local agility to solve this global challenge, Berry leveraged employee ideas for saving energy and brought them to life on a global scale, highlighting what can be accomplished when working together toward a common goal.

Learn more about how we are minimizing our operational impacts here.

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