We’ve all heard the news about the virus sweeping the globe, coronavirus (COVID-19). The ways this pandemic is affecting businesses, communities, and individuals are all different, but one thing remains consistent: safety is key. At Berry, we’ve seen increased demand across many parts of our business in response to the fight against COVID-19, some of which may surprise you.

Nonwoven materials

  • In the news across the world, face masks and N95 respirators have been highlighted items during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our nonwoven fabrics are critical to the manufacturing of face masks manufactured and sold by the world’s leading healthcare and consumer good brands. Similarly, these materials are also used in protective apparel.
  • Hard surface disinfecting wipes have been providing both individuals and organizations with an effective method by which to rid their areas of germs. Nonwoven materials are key in the manufacturing of these wipes and are provided to the world’s largest brands and healthcare companies around the world.


  • For applications from travel size hand sanitizers, to larger soap packages, customers are seeking bottles to transport these critical materials for keeping infectious germs at bay.
  • Bottles have also seen a bump in demand as packaging for medicine has risen - this includes the nutraceuticals and other over-the-counter categories.

Dispensing closures

  • Used for liquid soaps and even hand sanitizers, dispensing closures have been in increased demand as these products have been in high levels of use across the world.

Food packaging

  • Many consumers have started gathering extra food supplies while they practice social distancing. We’ve seen an increase in demand for packaging which preserves food, keeping it fresh and shelf-stable for longer periods of time.


  • Ranging in use from packaging industrial wipes to even holding gloves, larger size buckets have been in increased demand as the fight against COVID-19 has progressed.

This list continues to evolve, just as the plan to fight COVID-19. While some of these items may surprise you for their increased demand, they all have been deemed important in this time where the need for protection is great.