Berry employees working with community partners to plant 500 trees Recently more than 45 Team Members at Berry Global’s Atlacomulco de Fabela, State of Mexico, facility joined with their families and community partners to give back to the environment by planting trees in their local community. Together, they planted 500 trees in San Marcos Tlazalpan. Held annually in conjunction with World Environment Day, the initiative is part of the Facility’s sustainability program and was established as a method to generate awareness of and engage in local reforestation efforts. 

“Reforestation is definitely one of the most important points because oxygen is vital and necessary for all of us and planting a tree is doing a grain of sand for the care of the environment. It is an investment in the future for all of us, doing good actions for the planet always united, agile, and responsible,” said Jose Luis Ordoñez - Planner at Berry’s Atlacomulco facility.

Over the past two years, the facility has built upon the initial program to include an "Adopt-A-Tree" campaign, with the main objective of engaging and educating all Team Members and their family on the importance of planting and caring for one of our natural resources – our world’s trees. Through the Adopt-A-Tree campaign, each Team Member is presented a tree so that individually, or as a family, they can identify an area to plant their personal tree and provide it with all of the necessary care for its growth. The local government helps sponsor and fund this program, with the request that all trees be planted with the intention of a permanent residence and will not be disrupted over the years.

“I felt very happy to participate in this campaign and support the community where we live to make a better place for our children. Motivating more people in the Facility to participate in something that will improve our environment is a great impact, since we know that each tree gives life and ensures a better environment for our children,” said Berry Atlacomulco Plant Director Jose Luis Guzman.

Through past campaigns, 500 to 1,000 trees are planted each year. The Teams’ reforestation projects have taken place in community areas including: Atlacomulco Industrial Park, the community of Potrero in the municipality of Timilpan, La Isla de las Aves, the community of the Municipality of San Bartolo Morelos, and San Luis Boro, community of the Municipality of Atlacomulco. 

“It´s one of the best actions we can take to improve air quality, quality of life, temperature change control, and it is a tree that will improve the ecosystem and retain water. I feel satisfied by carrying out this action because it´s a need of the planet at this time,” said Alex Sanchez, Process Engineer at Berry’s Atlacomulco facility.

Berry’s Atlacomulco facility is part of the Company’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division. The Facility extends its appreciation for partnerships forged with the Ecology Department Atlacomulco, the H. City Hall, and the Association of Industrialists of Atlacomulco, as well as the ejido commissioners of the municipalities where the campaigns have been carried out. 

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