Berry, manufacturer of pet bottles, has further enhanced the versatility of its popular 2L Ribbed Rectangular bottle with the introduction of a new 38/23 neck option, which can be used with an existing Berry 38/23 closure to offer customers a complete container and closure pack solution.

The bottle’s ribbed design gives it added strength and durability, while the pinched handle aids easy handling and pouring, making the bottle ideal for a wide variety of products, including cleaners, surface finishers, car shampoos, oils and sugar soaps, in markets such as automotive, marine and home improvements.

In addition, the 38/23 plastic bottle closure is available in a number of formats, including tamper-evident and with a bore seal or IHS liner, giving it the flexibility to be tailored to particular customer or application requirements.

For brand individualization, the bottle can be produced in a wide variety of colors, and its large decoration area on the front and back provides ample space for high-impact labelling, including product information and usage instructions.

To help companies meet their sustainability objectives, the bottle can also be produced incorporating recycled PET (rPET) in quantities from 30%.

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