Berry Global achieves ISCC PLUS certification for all North American rigid plastic foodservice manufacturing locations; certification allows Berry to bring certified circular products to market, with options for advanced recycled materials on a mass balance basis

With many brand owners searching for pathways to achieve their sustainability goals, inclusive of renewable or recycled material use in their packaging, Berry’s ISCC PLUS certified facilities can provide customers with assurance of a product’s material composition. These materials meet the ISCC’s standards for recycled, renewable, and recycled-renewable materials, providing traceability along the supply chain, verifying that certified companies meet high environmental and social standards.

“Berry presents an unmatched ability to provide customers with certified sustainabile resins as they drive toward their respective sustainability goals,” said Diane Marret, Sustainability Director. “By reaching certification across all foodservice manufacturing locations, we further advance our global capabilities as a leader in the foodservice market.”

ISCC PLUS Certification Highlights

  • Allows Berry to bring in-demand certified circular products to market, presenting customers with options for advanced recycled materials on a mass balance basis to meet their sustainability goals.
  • Crosses multiple product lines, allowing customers the potential to leverage Berry’s broad expertise across a number of manufacturing processes for the certified resins.
  • Verifies Berry is accurately applying mass balance accounting, tracking the quantity and sustainability characteristics of recycled and/or renewable content in the value chain, and attributing it based on verifiable bookkeeping with predefined and transparency requirements

The Company’s foodservice facilities include Evansville, Indiana; Lawrence, Kansas; and Madisonville, Kentucky, have been awarded the certificate from SCS Global Services. Through the addition of these sites, Berry has a total of 49 manufacturing facilities across three continents which boast the ISCC PLUS certification.

This Berry certification is an important first step toward delivering on growing consumer expectations in transparency of their purchases. With the ISCC PLUS certification Berry can produce products substituting a percentage or 100 percent of the virgin resin with certified circular polymers, delivering identical material performance as virgin feedstock.

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