A ground-breaking ophthalmic administration technology from Berry Healthcare has won a major international award.

Risdrop™ has received the InnoPack China Innovation Award. Part of the InnoPack China exhibition in Shanghai, the award recognises and celebrates innovative pharmaceutical products, solutions, and technologies, and seeks to drive further innovation within the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

The patented technology of Risdrop™ demonstrates Berry Healthcare’s leadership in patient centric design principles. Risdrop™ features a two-piece nozzle with a restricted flow channel insert. This ensures excellent flow control with low drop size variance, delivering a single reliable and consistent drop at a time to the exact location in the eye. Equally important, the compact and easy-to-hold design allows an accurate drop to be administered when the bottle is held at any angle and irrespective of the force used to squeeze it. This helps to prevent both overdosage and unnecessary drug wastage.

These benefits greatly enhance a patient’s user experience and make Risdrop™ particularly appropriate for both paediatric and senior medicines. It is also suitable for veterinarian applications.

Risdrop™ delivers a calibrated 30μl drop size and can handle medicines of many viscosities with no streaming, jetting, or double drop delivery. It can be combined with the proven Rispharm bottle and closure from Berry Healthcare and is compatible with most filling lines. For complete product safety and patient reassurance, the dropper also includes an integrated tamper-evident feature.

Muriel Combeau, Sales and Marketing Director, Berry Healthcare, commented: “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. One of the key driving forces behind the design of all our packaging solutions is to help improve patients’ lives through ease of use and confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their packs and devices. Ensuring consistently accurate drug delivery is vital to effective ophthalmic care and Risdrop™ helps to make this possible for all users.”

Risdrop™, which is manufactured at Berry Healthcare’s facility in Bangalore, India, is ideal for a wide variety of treatments including before and after eye surgery, dry-eye syndrome, ocular allergies and infections, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

For further information contact us, or email healthcare@berryglobal.com 

Risdrop™ is on display at the exhibition’s Innovation Gallery (N5D50) and is also being shown alongside Berry’s extensive range of market leading healthcare products on the company’s stand (N5E27).