In line with Berry Global’s commitment to increase circular materials to 30% by the year 2030, the Company highlights its sustainability expertise with the B Circular Range. Like Berry, many of its customers have announced publicly stated sustainability goals to increase circular materials and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Through leading expertise and global scale, Berry partners with customers to meet these ambitious goals.

B More with Berry Media Information Pack Berry announces its Sustainability Experts series, featuring its BMore specialists as they addresses frequently asked questions about recycled content and how to get started adding PCR to your packaging. Included in the series are:

  • Tips to Get Started Toward More Sustainable Packaging - Sustainability Project Lead, Sydney Cooley, as she helps uncover the path toward sustainable packaging and adding post-consumer recycled content to packaging
  • Three Things to Consider When Planning to Use Recycled Content - Sustainability Director, Diane Marret, simplifies the complexities of post-consumer recycled content and where it comes from
  • Recycled Content Capabilities - Product Line Director, Brandon Moore, explains important product details to consider when making the decision to add PCR to packaging


Within the newly introduced BCircular range, customers can choose from a full product portfolio. Included is a full selection of bottle sizes with up to 100% PCR, well-suited for food, beverage, and spirits applications. Berry also offers laminate and extruded tubes with PCR content. The Company also provides a wide selection of closures made with PCR to serve the food, beauty and personal care, beverage and home care industries. Closures are available with up to 100% recycled polypropylene and are available in a variety of colors*. To receive product samples from the new BCircular range, Click Here

*PCR content can impact product color and integrity. Testing advised.