Berry PET Power is a partner of the United Packaging Forest initiative which has been established to help compensate for the over 10 billion trees that are lost in the world each year and offset the CO2 emissions of the entire production chain.

Deforestation of the earth is an international problem, which has been linked to problems such as drought and other natural disasters, climate change and food shortages. The United Packaging Forest provides the opportunity for individuals and businesses throughout the packaging industry supply chain to make a positive contribution to the lasting protection and preservation of our environment.

The organisation is working with the Trees for All Foundation which was established in the Netherlands in 1999 and is the only provider of carbon offsets that meets the stringent requirements of CBF (the independent regulator) certification. Trees for All has planted dozens of acres of forest each year, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, the foundation protects existing forest and woodland, and contributes to improving the standard of living of people in developing countries.

As part of Trees for All’s 1-2-Tree programme, a contribution of €12.50 will enable United Packaging Forest to plant a tree in the Netherlands and on another continent. Four levels of support from Bronze to Platinum are available, depending on the number of trees planted, enabling both individuals and all sizes of companies to be involved.

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