Small format ice cream continues to occupy a hot spot within the ice cream market. Defined as units of 18 oz or less, the smaller formats are driving growth within the U.S. market at a projected CAGR of 3.3% by 2022.

Sustainable packaging remains another hot topic.

Packaging manufacturers, retailers, brands, and consumers are uniting behind packaging solutions that embody the three familiar “Rs”: reduce, reuse, and recycle. While the paper pint has been the traditional choice for ice cream manufacturers, a clear plastic pint provides a more environmentally-friendly solution on all three fronts.

    Reduce: According to a 2018 packaging environmental impact study, replacing plastics with alternative substrates, including paper, would require about six times more water and generate up to four times more greenhouse gas emissions.

    Reuse: Plastic pints are molded from #5 polypropylene. Polypropylene’s versatile temperature range enables it to be cleaned and repurposed for other household food storage and serving occasions.

    Recycle: 61% of US residents have access to a recycling facility that processes polypropylene. In contrast, only 5% have access to a facility that is able to recycle paper cups and cartons.

At Berry, we are committed to providing and educating our markets about sustainable packaging solutions. We invite you to partner with us while we are Always Advancing to build a more sustainable future.