Berry Agile Solution has introduced a number of enhancements to its in-house design studio to provide customers with a more interactive experience in the development of packaging solutions to meet specific product and branding requirements.

The new space allows for collaborative design and discussion, utilizing the latest software and hardware in the creation of initial concepts and taking these through to manufacture.

The revamped facility now includes a dedicated customer seating area for scheduled visits that provides a more personal approach. From initial discussions, concept drawings, lifelike 3D renders, the latest 3D printed prototyping and manufacture-ready designs are produced. Any required reworking or adjustments can be made throughout the process to bring the design swiftly to fruition and ensure it is fully fit for purpose.

In particular, the 3D renders and video capabilities allow products to be shown both with and without branding in order to provide a full visualization of the proposed pack before manufacturing begins. These digital mock-ups can include different options, decoration styles and material choices to enable fully informed decisions to be made.

The Circular Grading Tool can also be utilized to assess a pack’s overall sustainability credentials and highlight actions that can be taken to improve aspects such as its recyclability.

These latest enhancements underline Berry's reputation for a customer-centric approach to every new pack project.